Bloodshed Dev-C++ Tutorial

First, download the Dev-C++installer.

Download the installer from the Downloads section of the page (click on the SourceForge link). Follow the instructions and install the program. The following screenshots will help you install and run the product:

Installer Language
Select English, if not selected, and then click the OK button to continue

License Agreement
Click on the "I Agree" button to continue

Choose Components
Make sure that the type of install is Full and click the Next button to continue

Choose Install Location
Click the Install button to continue

Click the Yes button

Click the Finish button to finalize the installation and run the program

First Time Configuration
Click the Next button to continue

First Time Configuration
Click the Next button to continue

First Time Configuration
Wait for the progress bar to complete

First Time Configuration
Click the OK button to finalize

New Project Menu
Click the File menu, then select the New menu item and click the Project menu item

New Project
On the top, make sure the Basic tab is selected and under the Basic tab, select "Console Application"
Give a name to your project using the Name text box, for instance, "HelloWorld".
Important: Choose "C Project" under "Project Options" on the left
Click the OK button to create your project

Create New Project
Give a name to your project file and click the Save button to continue

Compile and Run
Click "Compile & Run" menu item or the icon displayed in the below screenhost or just press F9 to compile and run your program

Assuming you did not make any syntax errors on your code, you should see a similar output window running your program

Compile failed
If you try to compile a code which has syntax errors, Compiler window lists the errors with their line numbers
You can double click the error and see the error highlighted in the code

Above steps are the necessary steps in order to compile and run C programs with Dev C++.

However, you should make sure your code is compliant with ANSI C standard.

You should change compiler options to force strict ANSI C checking.

Follow the below steps to configure your compiler:

Compiler Options Menu
Click the "Compiler Options" menu item under the Tools menu

Compiler Options
First, select "Add the following commands when calling compiler" option. Then, write "-ansi" in the text box without the quotation marks
Click the Settings tab on the top and goto the next step

Compiler Options
Select "C Compiler" on the left. Select Yes for "Support all ANSI standard C programs" on the right
Click the OK button to complete